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Blue Angels Airshow June 19,2005 Quonset Point RI
Mount Rushmore fireworks display July 3, 2005

molaver.org has evolved into mostly photograph galleries. Each of these galleries has been grouped into like subject material where possible. I have attempted to do 'photo story telling' where applicable. That is, when I shoot a festival or sporting event, I try to give the viewer a feel for it and have the photographs describe the event. There is no question when viewing the various photo albums posted here that my photography has improved with each generation of equipment upgrade. Therefore I can only assume the improvement is due to the equipment and not me! This site currently has info on our friends and the Molaver family in & out of Cheshire, Connecticut, several different festivals / arts & crafts events, UConn sports, local sports as well as a miscellaneous gallery of photographs that may not fit exactly in any particlar gallery.

I'll try to tell you a little about us. Besides our puppies Edie & Jerry Molaver have four children: Josh, Adam, Jed & Sara (not Sarah). Josh married Dana Cohen in 1999. They have two children Sydney and Jacob. Adam married Sarah Melville in March 2008 and they have two children Daniel & Alex. Jed is currently in Atlanta doing graphic imaging. Sara works for AT&T and lives in Waterbury.

Our dogs
We adopted Mickey & Minnie from the Waterbury pound several years ago. They were mostly black Shepard mixes and they turned out to be great pets, although they did take up a large part of the bed! In 2002 Mickey went to the happy dogbone hunting ground. Minnie made it until November 2003.

In July of 2005 there were two new additions to the family. Delta and Cooper were adopted from Lab Rescue in Higganum, CT. When we adopted them Delta was a 10 month old black lab and she is very affectionate. Cooper was a 15 month old Fox Red Lab. He was a super playful dog and the two got along fabulously together. It is hard to believe that they weren't raised together. After boarding them for 16 days at Best Friends in Bethany, CT in 2014 Delta came down with some illness and died a week later. Cooper made it another year before a bout of cancer did him in.

Daisy and Farfel, our current doggies.
Daisy is a Black Lab that we rescued from Alabama via Lab Rescue in 2014 and without question is the fastest dog we have ever had. She once ran down a deer in our woods. Although she didn't bite it, she had it against the trees and wouldn't let it go until I called her off. She has the same temperment that Delta had, very affectionate and friendly. Farfel (remember the Nestle Chocolate commercials in the early 50's?)is a Yellow Lab/Hound mix. We rescued him through Lab Rescue in Houston in 2015. Like most Labs he is very friendly but has a bad habit of leaping to lick their faces when he greets new people. Although they both have perfectly fine doggie beds in our bedroom, we can count on two dogs magically appearing in our beds - usually at 2 or 3 in the morning.

If you have ANY pictures you would like included on the page please email them to me.

Please keep in mind that this is definitely a WIP (work in progress). You are welcome to stop by & visit with us any time and email me your comments or suggestions!

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