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Jerry rescued Mickey & Minnie from the Waterbury Dog Pound in 1988. They had been picked up together on the street with identical collars. It was apparent that they were from the same litter and were about 6 months old. From the time they joined the Molaver Family they seemed to have always been a part of the clan. According to a local Cheshire Vet they are a mix of German Shepard and Husky. They certainly shed enough! Mickey has grown to about 100 pounds while Minnie weighs in at about 85. They both like to sleep in Jerry & Edie's or Sara's beds. They are very good pets and are quite protective around the house. Both have developed strong attachments to Sara. In years past they both slept in Jerry & Edies room but now they spend most nights bugging Sara! Although not known to be very aggressive they did bring home a complete deer leg as a trophy one day. Beyond that their usual hunting activities have been limited to (too) close encounters with skunks.

Mickey went to dog bone heaven in 2002 and Minne followed a year later. They were good dogs. We miss them.

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